Prague Day 5

Mystik Cup
Our final day in Prague was to be pretty chilled, we didn’t have to leave for the airport until 7pm, so we started with a gentle stroll back towards the river and and The National Theatre, where we saw a woman sat outside, alone in full period costume.
Lady in WaitingWe then headed back towards the Old Town Square as it seems perfect for eating our lunch, on the way there we passed a Bride just entering what I assume is a Church.
The incredibly futuristic looking train station at Staroměstská
We then took a train to our destination for the afternoon which was actually on Stvanice Island. Mystic Skate Park is host the Mystic Sk8 Cup, an annual skateboard competition. My friend Jen had already recommened we go there just for place to hang out with cheap beer, but once we arrived in Prague we saw posters advertising the comp, we couldn’t not go!
It turned out we were only staying a 5 minute walk from the skate shop and enquired about tickets, but we couldn’t buy a day ticket in advance so it was a case of turning up and hoping for the best, fortunatly it was only qualifiers on the Friday (people who have never skated in a World Cup Skate event, or didn’t have enough points), so there were no names I recognised apart from out of the women’s group Evelien Bouilliart who I’d met and seen skate previously at the UK’s Girls Skate Jam back in 2007.
IMG_0707 copy

IMG_0706 copy2
It was really hot (like everyday had been in Prague) despite being ‘undercover’ as the sun ended up pounding on our backs and we didn’t manage to make it to the indoor bowl & miniramp. There was also quite a few stalls from local shops selling the usual skate merchandise as well as a very nice food area, which unlike most British skate comps wasn’t filled with burgers/chips/hotdogs etc we had a really nice spicy chicken & salad wrapped in a tortilla for a couple of quid, coupled with the beer which was less than £2 50cl, really nothing to complain about! The only odd part to the day is that they were still erecting the scaffolding that made the ‘bleachers’ so as the day went on, seats higher and higher up became available (not that I could stomach going up that high and I’d already dropped my sunglasses underneath once).
Mystik Sk8 World Cup
Mystic Sk8 World Cup
All in all we had a fantastic chilled day, I myself don’t skate any more and can’t ‘name tricks’ but it was still great to watch everyone.
We left about half past four to get back towards the hotel, we went for one last dinner at Jiný Stav a great restaurant selling Czech food that we found simply walking from the hotel to the metro station, then wandering around the block. Although not all the staff speak amazing English they speak enough to communicate the order and more importantly they have English menus so you can at least point.
Jiný stav – kavárna, restaurace & bar
We ate here 3 evenings out of the 5 we were there, which just shows how nice it was. The menu did keep us amused, Ant order the ‘Pork Medallions from Italian Guy – no idea who he was, but it was great! Also the beer Kozel was less than £1 for 50cl and again, very tasty.
So after filling our chops here, we departed back to Miss Sophie’s to await our taxi back to the airport and home.

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