Prague Day 4

Prague Zoo
After spending the first 3 days almost non stop sightseeing, we opted for something more relaxing on day 4 of our trip – Prague Zoo was described as Prague’s hidden gem, but seeing as there was a road sign almost outside our hotel we decided it couldn’t be that hidden.
How wrong were we?!
The lovely reception guy at Miss Sophie’s told us if we got to Nádraží Holešovice that there was a nice relaxing walk through Letna Park that would take 40 minutes or 20 mins brisk walk.
It took almost an hour of brisk walking after having to double back around the expo grounds next to the Tesla arena, however it was worth an exploration with it’s fantastic Art Deco buildings
Prague Industrial Palace
Prague Expo Grounds

So after a prolonged walk across the park, across the river to Troja and then the Zoo sign posts vanishing, we managed to see a group of school kids and decided to follow, luckily this lead us to the Zoo rather than making us seem creepy.
So we paid the approx £5 entry fee for the day (for a mere £18 you can get a yearly pass!) and entered into the most amazing environment and were immediately face with brightly coloured Macaws.
Ara zelenokřídlý (Green Winged Macaw) It just wasn’t like any zoo I’ve ever been to, whilst some areas were ‘enclosed’ by nets (I assume to stop birds flying away) but allowed you to enter via a kissing gate system, some were just open to allow the animals free reign of the zoo/park which is built into a hillside with a variety of surfaces. Everything from rocks for mountain goats to pastures for ponies, and a very real river running through the middle housing the same sort of wildlife you’d see in a British river – mallards, moor hens and kingfishers.
We spent a good 7 hours there and still missed out a huge chunk of the Zoo, but our personal highlights were the Indonesian Jungle area with Fruit Bats & Talapoin monkey
Kaloň pobřežní

Talapoin Monkey

Also when this monkey decided to pee at me
Monkey Pee Monkey Do

And the lemur area is amazing, they just sit on the fence literally inches away from you and pose, so cute
Lemur, not lemar.
and finally the chair lift, I wasn’t brave enough to take that transports you from the top to bottom of the Zoo or vice versa
Chair Lift
I can honestly say this was a mind blowing visit, totally exceeded al expectations in terms of how close you can get to most of the animals, and for big cats and other more dangerous ones, they are behind thick perspex rather than a cage, also for a top tourist attraction the food and drink was very reasonable once again (less than £2 a large beer etc..)
If you go to Prague and don’t czech out the Zoo, you’re a fool!

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