London part 1

Made a visit down south a couple of weeks ago to visit my best friend Jen, and of course to do some shopping and sights. I’m honestly not going to mention the farce that is East Midlands Rail Replacement service – just that it should be avoided like the plague.
First stop was Tate Modern, we got off the tube at St Paul’s to walk over the bridge and I was amazed at how gleaming white the building is now after all the cleaning work that has gone on (there are some parts still left to do)
St Paul's Cathedral
Once we got to the Tate, I called up my friend Julia who works there and we got to see a couple of exhibitions gratis. First up was Cildo Meireles who created some quite bizarre and intriguing installations that you walk through – including a floor made of cracked panels of glass that crunched under foot with various other materials on top including barbed wire, metal chains, and scrunched up plastic.
Another installation consisted of a white room with the walls covered in clocks
with thousands of rulers hanging down in circles clacking as you couldn’t avoid touching them as you walked through.
Also included was a what looked like a tree on a field of coins with bones for leaves but turned out to be something completely different “Mission/Missions(How to Build Cathedrals)”
Missão/Missões (How to Build Cathedrals)
“the work comments on the human cost of missionary work and its connection with the exploitation of wealth in the colonies: the ceiling is composed of
2,000 bones, while the floor comprises 600,000 coins. Symbolically joining these two elements is a column of 800 communion wafers.

After this we also briefly checked out the Rothko exhibition but weren’t that impressed in all honesty.
Then feeling rather tired we headed back to Kilburn stopping off at Papa John’s for pizza, which was nice.

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